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All-Ukrainian charitable organization "Sergey Prytula Foundation"

All-Ukrainian charitable organization
"Sergey Prytula Foundation"

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The key to the successful work of these philanthropists (success means prompt, effective and targeted support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the civilian population) is their responsible, scrupulous and dedicated approach to their tasks. The Serhiy Prytula Foundation, a charity organization, started operating in 2020, but its founder and part-time Ukrainian showman, public and political figure, has been volunteering for the Ukrainian army since 2014. It is divided into three conditional wings, each of which leads its own direction. So, the main wing is the military, which supports the army. Next to it is the Hell Rides project, which also supports the army, but focuses on providing it with cars and ATVs. The third division of the charity is the humanitarian. The latter specializes in receiving and redistributing among civil society organizations the aid that comes here from both Ukrainian and foreign benefactors by air and land.

In addition, the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation conducts various trainings for its invaluable team of volunteers on the basis of the organization. First of all, this is, of course, the topic of first aid, because there is even a catchphrase that “in a crisis, opportunities do not rise to the level of expectations, but they fall to the level of training.” It is worth noting that since the launch of the separate project “Hell Rides”, his team has purchased and handed over a huge number of ATVs, as well as a whole fleet of cars suitable for conversion for military purposes. The latter are all-wheel drive pickups of various models and brands: Mitsubishi L 200, Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tundra, and others. Each of the departments of the charitable organization has its own details for communication, and the founder of the foundation takes an active part in its daily activities, as well as reports about it on own social networks.

All-Ukrainian charitable organization "Sergey Prytula Foundation"
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The All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization Serhiy Prytula Foundation aims to increase the efficiency and save the lives of troopers, so it primarily tries to:

  • purchase or redistribute, and then transfer as intended surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, including unmanned aerial vehicles, sights, night vision devices, and thermal imagers;
  • purchase specialized systems for adjusting artillery and, at the request of the command, transfer them to the appropriate units as soon as possible;
  • to provide the Ukrainian army with means of mobility (cars and ATVs). This area was even allocated to a separate project called “Hell Rides”;
  • receive by air or land, and then redistribute humanitarian aid (such as medicines and consumables, food, hygiene products, various civilian equipment, and animal feed). A separate partner is involved in the humanitarian direction of the fund;
And finally

The Serhiy Prytula Foundation is responsible for its noble activities. It is not for nothing that the organization is structured into different divisions, each of which is most effective in its own niche. If you want to transfer funds to Ukraine – then decide to which unit of the Serhiy Prytula Foundation you would like to transfer funds. I am also convinced that the activities of this charity organization deserve your voice in the form of a thumbs up (you will find the corresponding icon under the description). If you have already had experience of working with this non-governmental organization, please share your experience with other site visitors by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

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Address: 02000, Ukraine, the city of Kyiv, Oles Honchar street, 65
Contact phone: +38 (073) 310-40-70
E-mail: serhiy.prytula.kyiv@gmail.com
Website: prytulafoundation.org, aid.prytulafoundation.org, pekelnitachky.com
Page with payment details: prytulafoundation.org/donate
Pages in social medias:            

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